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When it comes to securing funds for financial project, nothing beats home equity loans in popularity. Hundreds of thousands of loans are taken out annually by homeowners throughout the country, and this convenient financial instrument allows some truly magical solutions to debt-related problems. What do people use their home equity loans for? You can use it to:

• Complete a home improvement project
• Consolidate your debt and save money on your interest rates
• Take the dream vacation you have always put off
• Pay for an emergency that you just didn't expect

With locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Priority Mortgage Group can help you learn how to get a home equity loan at the lowest rate you qualify for. We can offer up to 100% home equity loans or lines of credit in both PA and MD starting as low as the prime rate. Generally, these loans are reusable lines of credit, and the home equity loan can be used for any purpose.

Be sure to ask about new Self-Employment Lines of Credit (aka Home Equity Loans). These loans generally:

As with any loan, you assume a risk by taking on additional debt with a home equity loan. Take out more than you can pay monthly, and you'll find yourself in bigger financial trouble than before. Be sure to consult with an accountant and see multiple brokers prior to making a decision about assuming new debt